St Louis is known for its appreciation for art and craft among the residents. If you are a fanatic of all forms of art, there are many events that happen throughout the year that you might want to attend. Art events in St Louis attract visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. This makes them a great opportunity to learn about different cultures through art. Learn information about St. Louis, MO.

St Louis African Arts Festival

This is one of the greatest opportunities art lovers have to learn about African culture in St Louis. The festival involves an African marketplace and a display of African arts and crafts. Also, there are plenty of authentic food and children’s activities. Click here to read about Top Musical Events in St Louis.

Laumeier Art Fair

The Laumeier art fair has been happening every year for over 33 years. The event which runs for two days brings together different forms of artists ranging from sculpture to fine art experts. The event targets to help artists around the country market their products.

Let Them Eat Art

This is a whimsical tribute to Bastille Day in St Louis. The event features live art displays from renowned regional artists, live music, and food. The event is considered a celebration of art in the streets of Historic Downtown Maplewood.