Black Jack, MO is an area just north of Kansas City, Missouri. This area was once considered a part of Sturgis but has now been separated from the Sturgis area due to the different economic climates that they face. This area includes North Little Rock, West Liberty, and Kansas City suburbs of Leawood. Black Jack, MO also includes the towns of Leawood, Mount Vernon, and Levelland. St Charles, MO  can be seen here.

Because of the recent economic boom, Black Jack, MO has become much more affluent, as the overall economy in the area continues to soar. A typical Black Jack, MO home can be found in the suburbs of Leawood, Levelland, or Mt. Vernon. Black Jack, MO is one of the few cities that is well integrated, meaning that it is filled with people who are not African-American or Hispanic. The population at the time of the last census was only 6,929, making Black Jack, MO one of the largest and most diverse areas of St Louis. This makes it a great place for people with diverse interests, especially if they wish to move to a less affluent area. Click here to read about A Brief Introduction To Berkeley. 

Black Jack, MO is a fun place for both young and old. There is no shortage of activities for everyone. There are golf courses, museums, and museums that feature art exhibit and displays. The area has a great baseball team, as the minor league baseball affiliate, the Briceboro Mets, play in the Northern League. If you want to try something a little bit more out of the ordinary, Black Jack, MO has two major malls; one of which features shopping centers and restaurants. Black Jack, MO is a great place to live if you are looking for a new home or an excellent place to live.

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