Edwardsville, Missouri is one of the most vibrant and thriving communities in southern Missouri. Located in southwestern Missouri, Edwardsville is known for a variety of reasons, including its famous football players, top-ranked schools, and world-class recreation. If you are looking to live in the heart of Edwardsville, Missouri, you will be delighted with the abundance of activities and facilities available to residents, including the popular Edwardsville Country Club. With a great deal of variety, you are sure to find the perfect community for your family. Information can be found here.


Edwardsville, Missouri is a vibrant community that offers plenty to entertain visitors and residents alike. The area has been rated as one of the nation’s top destinations for outdoor living since the 1970s and is known for its family attractions, golf courses, historic architecture, and outdoor recreational activities. If you enjoy being outdoors and participating in various outdoor activities, this is an ideal community for you. Edwardsville has a well-developed golf course, Riverfront Park, and numerous outdoor recreational opportunities, such as fishing and boating on the Mississippi River. Many of these activities are offered year-round, so residents can participate in them year round, or during peak times of the year. Edwardsville has become a hot spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Residents will have plenty of fun activities for families, seniors, students, and the active in the community. Click here to read about What Is Grain Valley?



With over 25 miles of riverfront property, the Edwardsville community offers plenty of space for residents who enjoy kayaking, swimming, fishing, or simply enjoying nature on their own. There are also several private boating opportunities that allow boaters to take pleasure in the Missouri waters for hours at a time. Families with young children will enjoy numerous parks, playgrounds, hiking trails, and other outdoor activities. These features make Edwardsville, Missouri an extremely family-friendly community. Whether you are interested in having a large family home or just renting a small apartment, Edwardsville, MO is a great place to live.

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