Huntleigh, Missouri, USA is a small town located along the Mississippi River near Kansas City, Kansas. It is located on the south side of St. Francisville, where the Mississippi runs past. The river and its surrounding area were once the center of the fur trade in the area. It has a population of approximately 300 in 2020. The town is located on the eastern bank of the river and is only a few miles from the Kansas border. There are a number of other towns that are located along this river and all are historic. Clicking here will deliver more on St Louis, MO.


The most recent census was taken by the Missouri State Census in 2020. The population of Huntleigh was 334 in the 2020 census. This town was named after one of the pioneers of the Kansas City area, Samuel Huntleigh. It was a home for immigrants from Ireland and Germany, among other countries, during the 1800’s. Today, it is still home to many immigrants, many of which come to live in America. Some of the people who have been born in this area include Jesse James, David Spitz, and William Clay Ford, among others. Many of these immigrants, while born and raised in America, have some sort of German heritage. Information about The Unique Landscape of Kinloch,MO can be found here.  



Because there are a large number of people that come to live in this town, it is necessary that the people who live in Huntleigh pay attention to the various aspects of life in this community. There are many parks and gardens in the area. The Missouri Zoo is also located here. The school district has several schools located here as well. These schools offer many different types of courses for students, including pre-k and elementary. As the area continues to grow, it is expected that more residents will continue to come to the area.

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