Hazelwood, Missouri, USA is a city in St Louis County, Missouri. It is located in the southwest part of the state, along the river Mississippi. It is also one of the largest cities of the St Louis Metropolitan Area. According to United States Census Bureau data, the city has a population of nearly 25 thousand. Hazelwood is bordered by Maplewood and Hazelton. It is a well-known industrial center of the St Louis metropolitan area and has many big corporations located here. The city also offers educational institutions, shopping malls, museums, parks, and recreational areas. See further information here.


Hazelwood was originally founded as Hazelwood Manufacturing Company. Today, there are several big manufacturing plants operating here. In addition, Hazelwood Stadium is now used for sporting events. There are a few major banks in Hazelwood. A number of hospitals are also situated in Hazelwood, including the Hazelwood Hospital and the Hazelwood Regional Medical Center. The Hazelwood Convention Center has a theater, restaurant, and convention hall. It serves all kinds of international cuisine. Learn more about Facts Regarding Huntleigh, Missouri, USA.



Hazelwood, Missouri, USA has several entertainment centers, which include the Hazelwood Arena, Hazelwood Country Club, and the Hazelwood Coliseum. Hazelwood City Hall and Hazelwood Park, among others, are some other places that are located in Hazelwood. Hazelwood is also home to numerous cultural and educational institutions such as Hazelwood University, Hazelwood Bible College, Hazelwood Community College, Hazelwood Technical Institute, Hazelwood Baptist College, Hazelwood University, and Hazelwood Technical and Community College. Hazelwood is considered one of the best destinations for families and other travelers who love the outdoors, because it offers many places to explore and take a break from the daily grind.

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