5 Instructions For Operating Electronic Digital Safe

Everyone has something or the other which is very vital for them and cannot afford to lose them. That’s where electronic digital safes come into picture. They save our valuables from intruders, completely protected with a numerical code which acts as a combination lock. They are available in the market in all sizes and shapes ranging from portable cupboard ones to large industrial safes.

But there is a certain way which needs to be followed in order to orate the device which should be precisely followed otherwise it may get stuck with all your valuables inside. Here are 5 of the means which can be followed.


  1. Opening the safe

First thing to do is to enter the correct code on the keypad. On entering the right code, the safe could either beep or the LED light might turn green or display ‘OPEN’. On that signal, you are required to turn the handle to the right within 5 seconds or else it’ll lock again. In situations if you forget the code or the battery of the safe is dead, then you can also make use of the emergency key which came with it. It is always advised to remove the plastic covers from outside the safe before operating.


  1. Open safe with an override key

This is a very simple procedure where you are just required to remove the plastic override key cover. Next is to insert the override key and turn right to unlock the safe. Voila! The work is done. Also never store the key inside the safe.


  1. Changing of the old batteries

Put in the correct code. When it opens, locate the battery cover and remove it from inside the door. After doing that place the four brand new AA batteries. Make sure that you test the batteries so that its not a hindrance again.


  1. Test the digital clock

With the door open, turn the key left to put the door bolts in lock position. Then remove the override key and keep it in a sure place. Enter the factory pre-set press code and immediately after entering the code, press the lock key. The lock bolts should recede into the unlocked position.


  1. Changing the codes

Enter the correct code in order the open the safe and then place the safe into a code reset mode which in most safes is done by long pressing “*” or by pressing a red button present on the set. Now enter the new desired code and press “#” in order to finish the process. Lastly enter the new code in order to confirm the process of the new code.


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