Olathe is the capital city of Johnson County, Missouri, United States. It is the fifth largest city in the entire Kansas City metropolitan area and third most populous in the Kansas State Capitol. By 2020, the census bureau projected that Olathe’s population would increase to 141,455. The rapid growth of Olathe has resulted in a booming real estate market and property values have risen significantly in the Olathe area. Real estate prices are rising in every section of Olathe, including homes and commercial properties. Information concerning Kansas City, MO can be discovered here.


Olathe, MO is home to two major corporations and is well known as a thriving center for industry and research in the Johnson County area. The Johnson County area is known for its agricultural products and agriculture has been an important component of the economic development of the Olathe, MO community. The Johnson County area also plays a vital role in the production of the United State’s ethanol and biodiesel. The area produces most of the corn and wheat used in the production of ethanol and biodiesel. Information about Peculiar can be found here.  



The Olathe area offers a wide variety of real estate markets and residential real estate. There are high rises, single family homes, condominiums, townhouses, ranch houses, apartments, and farmhouse-style houses available. One of the most popular residential communities in Olathe, MO is River Ranch Homes, a top-rated community offering a variety of single-family homes. The River Ranch Homes community is made up of two neighborhoods, Riverview and South Olathe. The Riverview neighborhood offers three communities, The Riverview Village, The Riverview Hills Apartments, and The Riverview Townhome Communities. The South Olathe neighborhood is comprised of four communities, The South Olathe Townhome Communities, The South Olathe Village, The South Olathe Villas, and The South Olathe Homes.

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