Like any other city rich in history, St. Charles prides in having a rich heritage worth exploring at the museums. Even though the museums are not many, they are essential homes to ancient and contemporary art exhibits and displays that define the city better in nearly all sectors. Here the best museums to peep in when you come to town. Visit this link for St Charles, MO facts.

Frenchtown Heritage Museum

The French Heritage Museum and Research Center exhibit displays of historical interest and research items with archive information about people, buildings, and businesses during the ancient French men times. It is one of the best sites in town to learn about ancient Missouri at large with several artifacts and structures that define the city best. Discover facts about St. Charles, MO Is Luxurious.

Lewis and Clark Boat House and Museum

The museum at the historic Lewis and Clark house has several exciting exhibits such as full-sized replicas of boats used by the duo during their exploration journeys. Other exciting things include plants that the duo collected during their tours.

O’Fallon Museum

The Long Cabin Museum at this historical site has photographs, relics, memorabilia, rustic and other items from the old Wabash Railroad depot on display. It is the best museum to see everything to do with artifacts.