St. Charles has several activities full of opulence and affluence to satisfy the growing need of spendthrift visitors who would prefer to explore the luxurious fun side of the city. If you happen to be the wealthy visitor in town, you can engage in the following activities. See further information here.

Get Pampered at The Ameristar Spa

Health and fitness are, of course, a great concern to people despite social status. While most people prefer going to gyms because of their affordability other people will go to the spas to be massaged. The Ameristar Hotel and Casino features some of the best resorts for you to get treated after a long day ride or if it is what brings you to town purely. Information about Enjoying the Inland Fun at St. Charles, MO can be found here.


Try Your Luck at The Casino

There are a few casinos in St. Charles, as per se with Ameristar hotel hosting the best casino in town. If you want to try your luck and hit that jackpot during your holiday, head here and realize your dreams. Even if you feel like throwing away everything you have worked for your entire life by gambling, the choice is all yours. The fact is a casino is in town waiting for you to enjoy.

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