During holidays, you might wish to have your kids learn about acting, music, and any other form of art in St Louis. There are various theaters that offer artistic training for kids and give them a platform to perform. The theater academies for kids prepare them for the future if they want to pursue a career in arts. Here are some of the popular theaters for kids within St Louis. Clicking here will deliver more on St. Louis, MO.

Devine Performing Arts 

The Devine Performing arts theater academy provides training for students of all ages. The theater models students in ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, among others. In addition, your kid will be handled by professionals who have degrees. Information about Best Destinations for Lovers of Performing Arts in St Louis can be found here. 


If you are looking for a magical show to treat your kids with, check out the Abra-Kid-Abra theaters. The facilities offer a wide range of entertainment for kids ranging from comedy magic shows and camps. Also, the facility offer birthday party services making it the perfect treat for your kid’s birthday.

Becky Viola’s Children’s Theater Workshop

For children aged between 4-18 years, drama consultant and theater director Becky Viola offers the best summer camps within St Louis. Let your children be mentored by a professional in theater-related business and watch them perform at the end of every camp.