Bridgeton, MO is a small suburban community of greater St. Louis, Missouri, bordering St. Clair County and Kansas City in the west. Bridgeton borders the Ozark Mountains and the Mississippi River on the east and is bordered by Kansas City’s downtown to the south. Bridgeton is also bounded by Missouri State Line. Bridgeton consists of a large area along the Mississippi River from Brainerd, Minnesota, to the southernmost point on the Mississippi. Bridgeton has a population of around nine hundred fifty and is bordered on its north by the Ozark Mountains and Kansas City suburbs. Bridgeton borders the Ozark Mountains on its west and is bordered by Kansas City suburbs on its east. Bridgeton sits at the junction of the Ozark Mountains and Kansas City’s outer ring road. Visit this link for more information.

Bridgeton’s downtown is bounded by the St Louis inner ring road, which is the eastern boundary of the City of St. Francis. Bridgeton sits within the boundaries of St. Francis and is only about thirty miles from St. Charles, Illinois. Bridgeton serves as a major transportation hub for Greater St. Louis and is the main transport gateway between Kansas City and St Louis. The population in the 2010 Census was eleven thousand. The largest percentage of residents are from the metropolitan areas of Kansas City, Kansas, and St. Joseph. Read about Black Jack – An Outlying Area of St Louis here.

Bridgeton’s downtown is divided into two parts – the south part and the north part. The northern part of Bridgetton’s downtown is mostly residential, with business facilities and other features in the area. The southern part of Bridgetton’s downtown is primarily commercial. Many businesses and commercial centers exist within the Bridgetton, MO area. Bridgetton is located within easy walking distance of many metropolitan areas. The city is also a popular tourist destination due to its close proximity to Missouri State Line, and the close proximity to several scenic spots in St Louis, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas.

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