St Charles, Missouri, USA is a mid-sized city in, and the seat of, the state of Missouri, USA. The estimated population at the last census was sixty-five thousand, making St Charles the tenth-largest metropolitan area in the state of Missouri. It is located on the south bank of the river, close to St. Louis, and it is centrally located in Missouri, close to the eastern boundary of Kansas City. The city has a downtown area with several important landmarks and businesses, but is mostly an agricultural town. The town was originally settled by German immigrants in the eighteen hundreds, who built the city’s first houses, schools, hospitals, and public buildings. Today the town is largely industrial, as well as a center of the St Charles real estate market. More can be found here.


St Charles is named after Charles J. St Claire, a United States Senator and Secretary of War under President Ulysses S. Grant, who died in 1866. St Claire, also known as Charles James, was also a member of Congress, serving for thirty-nine years, until his death. In addition to St Claire, there were also James, another Missouri Senator, and the Governor of Missouri Territory. There are several important churches in the area, and St Charles has its own historical district, called the Jeffersonian District. There are also many beautiful historic homes in the area that have been refurbished and modernized for use by new residents. Learn more about A Brief History of St John, Missouri- A Major Urban Center.



With the recent economic recession and rising housing costs, many St Charles homeowners are looking to sell their homes and move to other areas of the country, or even the world, such as St Louis, Kansas City, Denver, or other cities in the Midwest. But some people may not be moving to other areas of the country as they try to save money on home mortgage payments. Other residents may choose to live in the St Charles area because they find it attractive and comfortable, with its many historic sites and historic neighborhoods and attractions.

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