There are certain occupations where people just know what they are expecting. For instance, when you go into a car dealership you are expecting to pay a little more money for them to do their work. You are expecting a higher price because you know they have the experience and skill to dutifully perform the task at hand. Unfortunately, people don’t have the same grasp when it comes to locksmiths.

They just know we are coming to your home to unlock your locks because you accidentally locked yourself out or broke your key. Rocket Locksmith wants to provide you with excellent service when we come, which is why we let you watch what we are doing and will even try to explain the steps we are taking. We want to make sure you trust us and call us again when you are in this bind. Contact us now to learn more about our story or if you need an emergency unlocking.

Why Should You Get a New Key?

Not many people change out their keys while they live in a certain area. They never expect their locks or keys to go faulty, which is what leads to the problems many people face. Of course, you could be the type to lose your keys easily. There’s nothing embarrassing without losing your keys, thousands of people do it every day. The key is to not get mad when this happens because there are people out there with the tools to assist you.

Although, there are also many other reasons as to why you should rekey your locks or replace them completely. For instance, losing your keys is already frustrating but you wouldn’t want someone to use these keys to break into your home. Us rekeying your locks will ensure they can’t use this old key to get into your place. Your key may even start to experience wear-and-tear, which is why you should take the time to prepare.

What Will the Locksmith Do?

Once you decide to call us for assistance we will swiftly come to your location. Once there, Rocket Locksmith will come and examine your locks to see what can be done for a simple 19 dollar dispatch fee. Once we arrive we will see how much it will cost to rekey your locks. Remember, those with hefty locks will need to pay more because they are a more durable system to use.

The price range for a rekeying can be between 27 dollars and 250 dollars. While this may seem steep, we want to ensure your lock is as strong as the day you bought us. This requires us to take our time to rekey the lock and ensure the new key is compatible with this new lock. Thankfully, our van is fully equipped with all the equipment necessary to help you. We wouldn’t want to waste your time constantly going back to the office to get your new parts when we can just bring everything potentially needed.

What is Rekeying?

The process of rekeying may seem like a difficult process, considering it can cost anywhere from 27 dollars to 250 dollars. Fortunately, it’s highly unlikely you are going to need to spend the maximum amount of money on this procedure since most locks are fairly durable already and are affordable.

The process of rekeying is the act of changing the locks you already have in place and shifting the pins so it matches the new key crafted. This is why you should rekey your locks after someone has moved out or if you lose your keys near your neighborhood. It’s an affordable solution to having a new lock capable of protecting you from harm.

How Long Will This Take?

One of the questions we regularly hear is how long things will take to do. But, this completely depends on the work you want to be done. For instance, making you a new key for your house will be finished sooner than it would take to repair your ignition components. However, the average time it usually takes our technicians is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. This doesn’t include the short amount of time it will take to get your location either. Altogether, you won’t have to wait for too long when you decide to use our services.

Save Money by Avoiding Car Dealerships

One of the perks of going to a locksmith for all of your lock and key concerns is the fact you can cut out the expensive middleman. Rocket Locksmith may have some of the best residential services around, but our automotive services are nothing shy of amazing too. For the same amount it would cost for a dispatch call for a residential call, you’d need to spend 19 dollars for us to come out and look at your car’s lock system.

From there we will see what needs to be done and if you need a new key or something else. We can make you a new key for a much cheaper price than a dealership; anywhere from 85 to 350 dollars. Many dealerships will actually charge you thousands of dollars for a new key, which is why it’s recommended to use a locksmith for this need. We can even help you with your ignition. Depending on the severity of the problem it can cost you as little as 100 dollars or as much as 300 dollars. However, you will be partnering with someone who actually cares about your safety.

Contact Rocket Locksmith Today!

Rocket Locksmith has been able to help the local communities and beyond for years and we plan on continuing this endeavor for many more decades. We understand the problems our clientele faces, which is why we offer services for people with residential concerns, automotive problems, and commercial demands. As a matter of fact, we will even come at any time of the day because of our 24-hour servicing. Contact us now to learn what we are about and if you need help with an emergency unlocking.