1. How to Improve Your Front Door Security

    Even though we welcome our guests inside the house through the front door, but in most cases, the front door is always chosen to be an entry point by unwanted burglars. Most of the home break-ins happen through the means of the front door, which has numerous vulnerable points. Apart from hiring a pr…Read More

  2. The Common Causes of Ignition Switch Malfunctions

    The Common Causes of Ignition Switch Malfunctions

    Everyone wishes to have a smooth journey without any difficulties especially while traveling in a car where one loves to feel more comfortable. The ignition switch is one of the important parts of the car which activates all components of the car. Once the key is inserted into the ignition switch wh…Read More

  3. How Does Keyless Locks Entry Works?

    Usually, a remote keyless entry system consists of a remote which can lock, unlock, or perform other functions within the car when activated within a specific range. The keyless entry system basically consists of a short-range radio transmitter that transfers radio signals specifically to a receiver…Read More

  4. Home Security Life Hack You Must Know

      Your home should retain its purpose as a center for safety, security, and comfort. Even, if you reside in the safest of all cities in the United States of America, chances are that you could be faced with issues relating to burglars or armed robbery. Statistics reveal that break-in occurs eve…Read More

  5. 3 Door Lock Problems That You Shouldn’t Avoid

    You will be facing a lot of door lock problems from time-to-time. Most of the residential as well as commercial house owners have experienced some kind of door lock problem at one point in their lives. However, the way you solve these problems will play a major factor in the security of your house. …Read More

  6. How To Unlock Your Door In Case Of An Emergency

    If your door has been locked, then we have covered the points which can help you unlock the door in case of emergencies. All you require is some kind of material similar to a rope. You can use: Thread Yarn Ribbon Floss Shoe Lace Just make sure that any of these are 2-3 ft in length.   What’s …Read More

  7. 7 Best Ways To Protect Your Home

      Your home is the only place where you live, and you must keep it secured at all times. You spend the bulk of your time in your home. According to FBI reports, about 7,919,035 crimes related to the property took place in the year 2016, and the numbers haven't gone down ever since. You can't ju…Read More